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Beginner Zone

Drumkit Basic Rock/Pop Beats 1 - 4

Beats 1 - 4
Video Demonstration
Beat 1 -
Crotchet Note
Basic Rock Beat
Beat 2 -
Quaver Note
Basic Rock Beat
Beat 3 -
1 Handed Semiquaver Note Basic Rock Beat
Beat 4-
2 Handed 16th Note Basic Rock Beat

Practice Pad - Note/Rest Reading & Counting Exercises

These exercises will test your counting and understanding of the basic note and rest values.

The note and rest counting checklist can be used to help if you need a reminder.

Note & Rest Counting Checklist

Exercise 1 - Crotchets

Exercise 2 - Minims & Semibreves

Exercise 3 - Quavers

Exercise 4 - Semiquavers

Practice Pad / Drum Kit - 10 Essential Rudiments

10 Essential Rudiments

Practice Pad - Stick Control Exercises

Single Beat Combinations

These exercises are from the famous book "Stick Control" by George Lawrence Stone.

The combinations can be practiced at any tempo to metronome or music.

Pay attention to the Right and Left hand sticking instructions for each example.

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