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For Children + Adults - No DRUM KIT NEEDED

Enrolling Now! Beginning July 2020!


Summer Drummer

School 2020

First Class Drums Logo.png
First Class Drums Logo.png

Hi, my name is Sam and I am the owner of First Class Drums – a drum-kit tuition company based in Inverness & Macduff, Scotland.

I established the company in 2010, but have over 17 years of teaching and professional drumming experience - (see button below my picture for credits)


So many people have come to me over the years and said “I’ve always wanted to try drums”.

A lot of parents say to me that their son or daughter would like to try drums to see if they would enjoy it.

I also get a lot of drummers say to me that they wish they could read music, but it seems so difficult.

This course is aimed at the following people:

- Complete beginners who want to try drumming and start with the basics

- Drummers who want to learn to read & understand drum notation

- Drummers who want to work on stick control & the rudiments

- Anyone (regardless of instrument) interested in learning about rhythm, music theory, playing to click and improving time-keeping.

The course is suitable for ages 8 plus, with no upper age limit.

You will learn skills and techniques that will be transferable in a number of different ways. You will be given exercises that are so easy to understand, but will challenge you. I'll also teach you things that you could spend the rest of your life practicing.

First Class Drums is bringing the Online Summer Drummer School 2020 to your home. Students are being accepted now.

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Students will get:

- 5 x 30-minute group practice pad drum lessons on Zoom

- A digital learning resource pack to download, print, keep and practice with

- A downloadable video capture of each lesson

- Exclusive play-along practice tracks and demonstration videos

- The option to submit videos of your playing for review and feedback

- Professional advice if you would like to take drumming further

In the 5 lessons, students will learn:

- How easy it is to read, count, play and understand rhythmic notation – a transferable skill that can be applied to any other instrument. 

​- Basic music theory 

- Drum Rudiments – the building blocks of drumming  (with these you can play anything)

- How to practice, how to build stick control, speed & technique

- How to use a metronome - a useful skill for studio work and 


Suitability & Equipment Required

No musical experience or ability needed whatsoever!

The course is suitable for ages 8+ with no upper age limit.

It is suitable for complete beginners or those looking to learn music theory & how to read rhythmic notation or how to develop better stick control and technique. It is also suitable for individuals who play other instruments and may want to polish up their understanding of rhythm.

Additional equipment you will need:

  • A tablet, computer or smartphone with an internet connection, capable of running the free Zoom app.

  • Headphones (optional but ideal)


£55.00 per student


Payable at time of booking by bank transfer or PayPal.

To Register your interest and for further info

Thanks for submitting!

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