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Sam Lumsden Drummer and founder of First Class Drums

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Some Published Studio Work:

Ernest Rambles - The Torridon Sessions - Feb 2018

We recorded this EP in a beautiful, big old mansion up at Torridon. Everything was recorded live in front of a log fire, listen out for the crackling noise 12 seconds into "The Way It Is Sometimes"- February 2018. 

Ernest Rambles - Recording at Torridon
torridon sessions.jpg

Nancy K Dillon - "Poor Man's Lullaby" from the album - A Game Of Swans - 2018

Poor Man's Lullaby is a track written by my friend Gavin Sutherland (The Sutherland Brothers). He and I recorded our parts at a studio in Scotland and sent them to Seattle based musician Nancy K Dillon. We recorded it back in 2012, but it wasn't released until early 2018.

Sam Lumsde recording drums in the studio
Sharky Sharky - Super Awesome Mega Rock album cover

Sharky Sharky - Super Awesome Mega Rock - 2015

I was brought in as a session drummer to record drums for this album. Recorded at Seagate Studios, Dundee, the drum parts for the entire album were tracked within 3 and a half hours.


Watch a LIVE studio drum take:

Watch a LIVE Dep Gig Performance - 

Watch a LIVE Band Performance - Recorded for BBC Radio